Transform Nutrition is a consortium of five international research and development partners funded by the UK Department for International Development. Their work uses research-based evidence to inspire effective action to address undernutrition in the developing world.

As their work developed and their content had grown in scope, it became clear that their website needed to be organised and maintained in a way that their current host organisation and website maintainers were not able to provide. Being a funded programme, they also had a limited budget and were keen to do the most they could with the resources they had.


Within this strict framework and working directly with the Transform Nutrition communications team, I created new WordPress templates that enabled them to:

  • Clearly describe their different types of publications and separate these out from the other activities the programme undertook (like news and blogs)
  • Link all types of content by the country they focused on, and automatically generate resource pages on these countries.
  • Brand activities within the programme, such as Stories of Change, to give a more cohesive look to the work they do


For Transform Nutririon, the new website enabled them to

  • Keep their costs down; I had to think creatively and take advantage of existing WordPress technologies such as sidebars and taxonomies to prevent them needing a costly website rebuild.
  • Manage their content better and more consistently, improving their internal processes and making them more efficient