Henry Rowsell is a Brighton based artist, producing powerful (and sometimes very large) abstract works. His website, though functional, didn’t show off his paintings to their potential and failed to work well on mobile and tablet devices. Henry found the original content management (CMS) system cumbersome and the method for adding new content didn’t encourage him to update his site with new pictures.


Working closely with Henry, we built him a new site in the WordPress CMS. This included:

  • Meeting with Henry to discuss what new features he would require, who his audience was and what the goals were for the website.
  • Producing a list of functional requirements based on the previous discussions.
  • Building the website in WordPress and create a clean theme that played down text and maximised the images of his paintings
  • Providing additional functionality so that Henry could record and display what materials the picture was made of/with and whether the picture was available for sale.
  • Integrating Henry’s social media accounts.


For Henry, the new website enabled him to:

  • Manage his website better and add new content quickly and easily.
  • Show off his latest work in a bold, engaging way.

For visitors, the new website:

  • Enabled them to make enquiries about certain pictures as well as see his new work.
  • Created an improved experience with a responsive design that works on mobile and tablet.