Figs and Fennel is a new vegetarian food blog based in Brighton. Food blogging is a crowded market, and Figs and Fennel wanted a website where the photographs and simplicity of the recipes would make it stand out from the crowd.


Starting from scratch, I helped Figs and Fennel develop the website strategy, (including social media strategy), design and functional requirements. A brand new site was created using WordPress, including:

  • Working with Figs and Fennel to decide on the website’s vision, purpose and audience. Clear user pathways were developed so that each aspect of the website could be developed to satisfy the needs of the user.
  • Using existing templates, develop a design that reflected Figs and Fennel’s desire to have a clear, photograph led look.
  • Building in functionality that enables the recipes to be easily shared on social media and optimised so that they are indexed well in search engines like Google.


For Figs and Fennel, the new website enabled them to

  • Add new recipes easily and quickly to the website.
  • Engage with their users on social media using simple tools build into WordPress and have their social media output reflected back onto the site.
  • Be well indexed in Google due to excellent search engine optimisation.