Christina Mills is a consultant hypnotherapist with over 20 years experience, based in Brighton. Her website had been set up in WordPress 10 years ago and was in need of a refresh. The website had good search engine ranking, but the look of the site had become outdated and the version of the content management system (which hadn’t been updated!) made the site difficult to update and manage.

Christina also was changing her business from providing training to offering a personal consultancy service. Her potential client base had therefore changed and she needed a website that both spoke to this new audience as well as build on the relevant content and links she had built up over the years.


Working closely with Christina, we built her a new site continuing to use the WordPress CMS that she was familiar with. This included:

  • Discussing with Christina what the new goals were for the website (no longer booking training courses online, but contacting her directly to arrange a one to one consultation).
  • Suggesting designs based on the best way to connect with her new audience and how to build trust to enable her to convert these enquiries into business.
  • Importing all her blog content from her previous site so that all the site would still rank well for her focus keywords in Google and other search engines.
  • Creating new design elements, content and structures in WordPress that reassured her potential customers.
  • Providing additional appointment booking functionality so that customers could book their free consultations quickly and easily and Christina would be notified of these by email.


For Christina, the new website enabled her to

  • Refocus her business and attract new clients
  • Manage his website better and add new content quickly and easily.
  • Automate some of her processes via the online appointment booking functionality.

For visitors, the new website:

  • Created an improved experience with a responsive clean design that works on mobile and tablet.
  • Enabled them to understand the process and purpose of hypnotherapy, make enquiries about her services and make appointments online.