Our main priority is to build a secure, search engine friendly and easily updatable website based on your needs, that works amazingly and looks great on any device.

We enjoy helping you think through how your website can change your business/organisation by considering your desired audience and designing every bit of your website for them.

So, whether you are starting out or wanting to improve on what you have already got, the process is the same:


  • We will meet with you either in person or online.
  • We use a number of tools to asses and understand your needs, and will then be able to outline the work to be undertaken.
  • We will then agree on a specification or statement of work including functionality.


  • Depending on your starting point we can provide a design service or build on your existing branding.
  • Both will involve mocking up of key pages to agree on the positioning of major elements on the screen (known as wireframing).
  • We will then provide a home page design as an image from which other design elements could be applied to the rest of the site.
  • We will also provide suggestions for navigation and site structure based on user experience and search engine optimisation good practice.


  • We build your site.

(this is the bit where you leave us to do all the hard work!)


  • As well as testing the nearly complete website extensively across multiple browsers, operating systems and mobile devices, we will give you access to a live preview of your site so you could test the website and all the functionality is how you expect it.


  • If you were unfamiliar with WordPress, we will train you how to use the WordPress control panel and any customisations that have been added so that we can ensure you are able to manage your site’s content.
  • Once you are happy with the site, we will make your new website live.


  • We will provide post launch maintenance of half a day a month for 3 months from the date your site is launched.
  • This is so we can tweak any of the functionality – users sometimes interact with the site differently than you expect them to – fix any bugs, and provide any updates or additional training you might require.
  • We do not want to tie you in to a long support contract that you might not need, but we are happy to negotiate this if it is something that would bring you peace of mind and we could continue to work together.

We would also be available, to undertake any additional work to extend the site, e.g. you wanted to integrate ecommerce.